Our Core Values

KGZ is quite simply everything we hold close to our hearts. In, 2003, founder Matt Zuiderhof took a leap from corporate retail distribution and established his own marketing firm. He named his venture for his greatest treasure, his children. Daughter Kylie is the “K,” son Gabe is the “G,” and as you can guess, the “Z” is from his unusual Dutch name, “Zuiderhof.” The name inspires us to maintain the very highest standards of honesty and integrity.


In addition to working hard in all aspects of building KGZ, Matt is an avid soccer player, a coach to many of his son’s sports teams, and a die-hard Redskins and Nats fan. He loves to ski and fish, and has a taste for “hoppy” beer, strong coffee and bacon! Matt also proudly served in United States Marine Corp! Semper Fidelis!

Matt takes the lead on all things print. His production knowledge and understanding of the pre-press process ensures quality and uniformity across a wide range of equipment and mediums.


Laurie has been active in KGZ since 2008. Joining the family business was the perfect fit for her marketing degree, creativity and past work experience. Laurie loves to use her creative side and bring her quirky perspective to strategic marketing, whether that is finding a cool new promotion item or assisting in copy writing. Life outside of KGZ is filled with lots of time on the tennis court, various exercise activities, watching the Food Network and most importantly time with her family!