At the beginning of March we were SO excited! Abbey Road Donuts (remember from last September?) was accepted into the elite club of about 14 vendors at the Kingstowne Farmers Market in Alexandria. That’s the closest market to where our commercial kitchen is located, so we can make the doughnuts and get them fresh to our customers for their enjoyment.  

And then the coronavirus hit. Lots of questions – Is the market going to happen? When will it be open? Will our kitchen be open? And now it’s a few weeks away from opening, and we’re still wondering. We’ve figured out a way to be safe – masks, pre-orders, pre-boxing,…but that takes the fun out of farmers’ markets. Still, we will do everything we can to be safe, yet still give our customers the doughnuts they crave.  

We’ll still be wearing our Abbey Road Donut t-shirts from KGZ Graphics, and will order more as we grow, and as the temperatures warm up.

KGZ Graphics has us covered. They’ll keep you covered too! Trust is everything. 😉 

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