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Headed to an Office Holiday Party in the Coming Week??

I have had my share of holiday networking parties the last few weeks.  While unlike many of my colleagues I actually enjoy going!  Why??? I enjoy meeting new people, getting dressed up and building opportunities to do business.  So if you have the flip side opinion of my own and need a refresher of the do’s and don’t then you will enjoy this sarcastically honest article courtesy of Business Week! Happy Holidays!!!

Avoid Twerking and Other Holiday Office Party Advice

Congratulations to Our Friends at Neighbor Ride Howard County!

Winners of Tom’s Maine $10,000 “50 States of Good” Contest. A wonderful community volunteer program serving the needs of our seniors in Howard County!  Join them for lunch/dinner today at Union Jack’s Columbia -15% of proceeds will support this wonderful organization!

Get a Jump on Your Jingle

The holidays will be here before we know!  Take care of your client greetings and gifts early so you can spend time enjoying the season.  Everyone loves tasty treats…Belgian Chocolates, candy, cookies, salty nuts and more.  Contact me today to see what will make a warm thank you to your clients!